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How to Use Google Flights? Booking through Google Flights

If you want to go on a vacation with your friends and family and search for an app or website that allows you to book the best flight to anywhere in the world, you need to check out Google Flights. Google flights work faster than any other engine on the Internet and allow you to search for the cheapest and the most expensive flight options depending on your budget.


You get a multitude of features on Google Flights, and all you need to do is enter your destination on Google Flights search to see the estimated fare of your trip. Another pro of using Google flights is its user-friendly interface to refine your search quickly. Let's talk more about the destination options on Google Flights and discuss the process of booking flights on the search engine.


Does Google Flights search works for all destinations?

Google Flights is one of the most updated flight search engines that work for all destinations in the world. The landing page of Google Flights shows you various options including, Trips, Explore, Flights, Hotels, and Packages. If you only want to search for the flights, you will click on the flight section, and there you will enter your details.

On the flight page, you will have the option to enter where you want to fly from and the place you want to fly to (country/ city). Google flights allow you to enter up to 7 locations in each box. There are certain cities with multiple airports with codes, so you need to fill in the correct codes in the Google Flights search. After that, you will select the dates you want to fly.

How can I book cheap flight through Google Flights?

Google Flights help you book the cheapest flight in the city you want to travel to by finding the cheapest airport in that city. You can use the calendar given in Google Flights to see the most inexpensive date to fly to a specific city or your desired destination. The calendar will show you the flight fare for the next two months, and the cheapest dates to fly will be marked green.

Google Flights is one of the best because it gives you alerts once you book a flight, but another slot comes for even cheaper travel. You can use Google Flights Explore to book the cheapest travel destination by following the method given below.

  • First, you will have to enter your departure and destination location anywhere in the world. And after that, you will select the date with the cheapest flight fare.

  • You can play around with the map and move it to see the cheapest destinations and flights.

  • You can select a random destination, the city you'd like to travel to, and then click on 'View Flight' for additional flight details.

  • The last step is to see the cheapest date to fly (green in color) and the duration of your stay in a place.

How to book business class flights through Google Flights search?

If you want to book business class flights through Google Flights, you can do it easily by following the process mentioned below.

  • The first thing is to open Google Flights and mention the number of passengers who want to travel.

  • After that, you will select the travel class that, in this case, will be business, and then you will enter your departure and destination location.

  • On the right side of the departure and destination option, you will find a section of the date or calendar that you can see to choose the fare that suits you the best.

  • After you select a date, you will land on the ticket purchasing page.

Can you book eco-friendly flights on Google Flights?

Google flights have achieved a milestone because they have added the feature to estimate carbon emissions of the flight you travel in so that you can play a part in saving the environment. It is a top-notch sustainability initiative and comes in every flight’s search result.

Google flights award a green badge to modern flights that cause less carbon emissions compared to the old flights. So, you can filter the search results and choose the greenest flight for your journey.

Final Words

We want to conclude by saying that Google Flights is undoubtedly one of the best flight search engines, so you can use it to estimate flight charges, environmental safety, and direct booking.